Therapia has a host of features to ensure the software meets the needs of any behavioral health practice. Below we have highlighted several that provide a glimpse of what the software has to offer for your practice.


Our telehealth solution is embedded on the same screen where you write your note while engaging with your client.

You do not have to open a separate tab which allows for a seamless experience. Your client can join easily through their phone using our client portal mobile view.

Therapia has a host of features to ensure the software meets the needs of any behavioral health practice. Below we have highlighted several that provide a glimpse of what the software has to offer for your practice.

Therapia Modules

Our Therapia Modules are one of our most exciting features. You now have the options to assign your clients therapy modules intended to enhance their experience with your care.

Teach them how to engage in a breathing exercise using our whiteboard breathing exercise video, create your own module and assign your client the time and date through a text message on their phone indicating it’s time to do their assignment, assign modules to your therapy groups, and much more. Choose from a multitude of different modules created by our clinical team.  Over time we will expand our module offerings to includes hundreds to choose from.

Client and Family Portal

Our client portals are a convenient way for your clients to keep in touch with your practice.  We have all the features available, regardless of  whether the client accesses their portal through their phone or laptop.  Through the portal, the client can join their video appointments, sign their forms, pay their bills, download superbills, and much more. 

You can send updates for the client forms through the portal- saving your clients and your practice precious time if they had to do this on-site at your office.

We have similar features for our family portals.  This unique feature allows for family members to be a part of the therapy or sign their own forms through their own portal.


Therapia connects with thousands of pharmacies using the Surescripts© network to provide your practice with E-Prescribing functions. Whether you are a MD, DO, or NP you will find our software has full capabilities to prescribe any drug to your client’s pharmacy.  We have integrated much of the workflow within our software so you’re are not switching between two systems to prescribe.

Form Builder

Feel confident knowing your practice’s forms do not have to change when switching to our software.  We facilitate the creation of simple to complicated forms with our robust form builder capabilities.

You can assign a number of predefined widgets to any form and roll back to previous versions easily.  You can create multiple versions of the same form so your various clinicians can document on the version they prefer.  We allow any form to be prepopulated with individualized templated data so your clinicians don’t have to rewrite the same data for each client.  The software allows copy functionality if your practice permits it.  Our software even accounts for the age of your client when choosing which form they can fill out.  

If you don’t have time to create your own, use our Therapia versions or import any note from the Therapia community portal.

Speech to Text

Therapia’s Speech to Text capabilities allow any of your clinicians the opportunity to dictate in text fields within the notes directly through our software.

Therapy Groups

Create therapy groups within your software and assign the client you want to invite. Within each group, you can include any therapy modules to further enhance the quality of your group.  

Furthermore, each client can join their group through their phones or laptops.

Billing Options

Therapia provides you the option of different billing modalities.  We directly connect with a full services billing partner who will handle all your billing needs saving you precious time and hassle. If you are a cash only business, you can use our own therapia billing software to provide you payment methods and ensure you get your invoices paid on time.  Your clients can paid through credit card or ACH payments via their client portals with ease.

Client Self-Scheduling

Allow your clients to schedule specific types of appointments you wish for them to schedule within their client portal.  You can set the duration of each appointment, set the time and dates the clients can schedule for each clinician, and even set how far in advance you want to allow clients to schedule appointments.

Plenty More

Shown is only a small fraction of what therapia offers for your practice.  Join us and experience the way electronic medical records are meant to function!

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