Behavioral Health EHR for Inpatient, Rehab, PHP, and IOP programs

We take your established processes and enhance the experience with our EHR solutions.  See our other solutions that provide the support and help for programs other than your traditional outpatient practices.

Custom EHR Solutions for Your Hospital

Therapia set out to provide behavioral health clinicians a familiar platform to engage in chart level documentation for their client care. By focusing on the established paper documentation that has been proven over the years to provide efficient and valid information about each patient, our Therapia EHR is built using this recognized foundation for each company it encounters. We do this by encouraging active participation and involvement with our Hospital Partners to address their individual needs.

Organic Workflow and Documentation

Complementing your established process and workflow by not redefining them


Patients becoming active participants through our EHR and directly add to chart level documentation

Cloud Computing

Adhering to HIPAA compliance is #1 priority of our company. Our servers are managed 24/7 and located in different geographic locations.


Decrease your risk management expenditures by utilizing the power of our software. We track joint commission requirements and much more.

How we can work together

With our experience working in varioius settings such as inpatient, PHP, and IOP, Therapia does appreciate the various nuances that are involved with each program and how it needs to be reflected in our EHR software.

Organic Workflow

Therapia is very mindful of the workflow processes that have taken decades to create. Why change your entire process when you can utilize our experience and ability to quickly adapt to create a better customized solutions for your facility.

Patient Engagement

We feel that the patient is a primary component of their own chart. Therapia takes advantage of the power of technology to incorporate the patient themselves in chart level documentation. Assign them our unique therapia modules to give them assignements that support active treatment.

Therapia has a host of features to ensure the software meets the needs of any behavioral health practice. Below we have highlighted several that provide a glimpse of what the software has to offer for your practice.

Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

Let Therapia help you maintain the software in the cloud to ensure proper uptime and routine backups to ensure your data remains accessible at all times. furthermore, Therapia takes into account the highly sensitive nature of patient data and subsequently takes the utmost care adhering to established cybersecurity protocols.

Regulatory Management

Use our software to assist your risk management team to ensure that real time data can be used efficiently to keep up with regulatory requirements such as those from Joint Commission.

Contact us to see a demo of how we manage the different aspects of acute psych care and why we feel confident you will see why we take great pride in our software.

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